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2021-2022 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2021-2022 Catalog & Student Handbook Archived Catalog

READ 0810 - Learning Support Reading

3 sem hrs cr

This course emphasizes the development and use of reading skills necessary for successful completion of collegiate-level courses. Students will improve their critical-thinking and reading-comprehension abilities via small-group work, individualized instruction, and computerized study plans. Students enrolled in READ 0810 must also enroll in MSCC 1300 as a co-requisite for this course. Corequisite: MSCC 1300  

Students enrolled in READ 0810 must also be enrolled in an MSCC 1300  course during the same semester, which should have the same starting and ending dates as the 0810 course.

This course may include proctored exams which must be completed on campus or at an instructor approved proctoring center which may require additional costs to the student. Please consult your instructor for additional details.

Transfer (UT) or Non Transfer Course (UN): UN