May 26, 2024  
2020-2021 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2020-2021 Catalog & Student Handbook Archived Catalog


Office of the President

Michael Torrence President
TBD Executive Administrator
Brenda Cannon Executive Director of Community Relations
Christy Glenn Special Events Coordinator

Office of the Foundation and Alumni Association

Lane Yoder Executive Director of the Foundation
Sharon Bateman Assistant Director
Phyllis Daniel Executive Secretary

Office of the Executive Vice President for Student Success & Academic Affairs

TBD Executive Vice President for Student Success & Academic Affairs
Camilla Daniel Administrative Assistant
Donald Choate Emerging Technology Liaison & Trainer
Kelsey Adams Coordinator of Academic Services
TBD Adjunct & Academic Support, Secretary II
TBD Secretary II

Office of the Vice President for External Affairs

Terri Bryson Vice President for External Affairs
Andrea Best Executive Secretary
Kyle Henn Graphic Designer & Marketing Specialist
Tammy O’Dell Director of Grants
Christian O’Grady Videographer/Photographer/Digital Media Specialist
Davis Seal Director of Operations for External Affairs
Scott Shasteen Director of Communications & Media Relations
Andrew Lamb Digital Marketeing Content Specialist (Webmaster)

Office of the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Melody Edmonds   Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Tammy Foust Executive Secretary
Erica Newman Honors & QEP Assistant
Ramona Shelton Social Sciences Curriculum Chair
Stacy Dowd Natural Science Curriculum Chair
Tom Cruz Languages Curriculum Chair
Brian Mitchell Mathematics Curriculum Chair
Brian Robinson Humanities Curriculum Chair
Debra Simpson Education Curriculum Chair
Bertha Smith Cohort Support Specialist

Office of Career and Technical Programs

Fred Rascoe Dean of Career and Technical Programs
Tracey Lee Business and Technology Curriculum Chair
Ingrid Rascoe  Career & Technical Programs Coordinator
Paul Sand Mechatronics Curriculum Chair

Office of Academic Technology

Terry Durham Dean of Academic Technology
April Harris Learning Management System Analyst

Office of Allied Health and Nursing

Pat Hendrix Dean of Allied Health
Amy Holder Director of Nursing
Tammy Langston Administrative Secretary
Drew Hooker Director of EMS Education
Marian Stewart Nursing Clinical Coordinator
Kim-Sue Tudor Director of Medical Laboratory Technology Education

Office of Fayetteville Academic Dean

Lisa Sanders Academic Assistant Dean of Fayetteville
Angie Hall Administrative Secretary
Sharon Bell Secretary II
Brett Harrell Secretary II

Office of McMinnville Academic Dean

Misty Mazzie Academic Assistant Dean of McMinnville
Tammy Foust Administrative Secretary
Katie Slatton Secretary II

Office of Moore County Academic Dean

Sid Hill Academic Dean of Moore County
Brenda Swift Administrative Secretary

Office of Smyrna Academic Dean

Gregory Killough Academic Dean of Smyrna
Brian Mitchell Academic Assistant Dean of Smyrna
April Tejeda Administrative Secretary to the Smyrna Dean
Whitney Fletcher Administrative Secretary to the Smyrna Dean
Clay Caldwell Secretary III
Sarah Mankin Secretary II
Heidi Parker Secretary II
Breonna Perkins Secretary II

High School Initiatives

Sally Pack Administrator of High School Initiatives
Lisa Bunde High School Programs Coordinator
Deborah Jennings Secretary III
Teal Lynch High School Programs Coordinator-Rutherford County

Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs

Hilda Tunstill Vice President for Finance and Administration
Patty Moore Assistant Treasurer for Foundation Services

Department of Workforce Innovations

Kathy Parker Executive Director of Workforce Innovations
Larry Flatt Executive Director of Automation and Robotics Training Center
Michelle Cox Workforce Development Specialist
Penny Sevier Career Services Specialist
Andy Lyon Non-Credit Coordinator

Office of Athletics

Dan McShea Dean of Athletics, Interim; Baseball Head Coach
Katie Reid Athletics Secretary; Assistant Soccer Coach
Arthur Latham MTEC Administrator; Men’s Basketball Head Coach
Andy Lyon Soccer Head Coach
Janice Morey Softball Head Coach
Kezia Conyers Women’s Basketball Head Coach
Nick Porter Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Kelsey Woodruff Assistant Softball Coach
Ecenur Yurdakul Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach

Office of Human Resources

TBD Executive Director of Human Resources
Lisa Lee Assistant Director
Kayren Young Human Resources Assistant II
Barbara Scales Compliance Officer

Facilities Services

Brian Gafford Director of Facilities Services
David Kelley Maintenance Supervisor/Head HVAC Technician
Steve Daubs Assistant Director
Russell Bordenet Maintenance Utility Worker
George Brown Custodian, Fayetteville
John “LJ” Dance Custodian, Moore
Kerwin Griffin Custodial Lead
Kenneth Hicks Custodial Supervisor
Krasimir Ilkov Maintenance Mechanic, Smyrna
Jarred Jones Watchkeeper, Moore
Eric King Maintenance Utlility Worker
Alex Macon Maintenance Utility Worker, Moore
Allan McArthur Maintenance Utility Worker, Moore
Dirk Metzger Custodian
David Peck Mail Courier
Teresa Phelps Custodian
Andrew Pierce Maintenance Mechanic, Fayetteville
Kenneth Prater Maintenance Mechanic, McMinnville
Amy Pruitt Custodian, Moore
Kevin Ridner Maintenance Mechanic, Moore
Donnie Shelton Grounds Worker I, Moore
Stanley Temple Maintenance Mechanic, Smyrna
Daniel Trail Grounds Worker II, Moore
Victoria Wilder Custodian, Moore
Amber Williams Custodian, Fayetteville
Richard Wright Custodial, Moore

Department of Public Safety

Ray Higginbotham Director
Joe Brown Public Safety Officer III, McMinnville
Randy Morris, Jr Public Safety Officer III, Smyrna
Allen Rhodes Public Safety Officer III, Fayetteville

Office of Technical Operations

Cindy Logan Chief Information Officer
Melanie Anglin Microcomputer Technician, Moore
John Delaney Microcomputer Technician, Moore
Anne Messer Help Desk Support, Moore County
Monica Burgess Microcomputer Technician, McMinnville
Andy Carter Microcomputer Technician
Casey Chandler Microcomputer Technician
Dakota Cunningham Digital First Technician
Ashleigh Hall Senior Infrastructure Administrator
Adam Hobbs Microcomputer/AV Technician
Biff Kittii Microcomputer Technician, Smyrna
Mark Landrum Director of Learning Space Technologies
Lara McKinnon Database Administrator
William Quinn Network Systems & Security Manager
Bradley Reeves Microcomputer Technician, Moore
Jeffery Short Director of Technical Operations

Business Office

Jay Turney Comptroller
Sheri Hise Senior Accountant
Michele Brown Accountant
Ysel Gonzalez Account Clerk I
Katherine Green Purchasing & Contracts Specialist
Tracey Harden Account Clerk I
Lisa Kane Account Clerk III
Sandy Schaffer Director of Fiscal Services

Administrative Computing Services

Rexann Bumpus Director of Administrative Computing Services
Lara McKinnon Database Administrator
Noraa Ataher Systems Analyst
Nick Buckman Programmer/Analyst II

Office of Organizational Development and Leadership

Meagan McManus Director of Quality Assurance
Tiffany Phillips Assistant Director of Quality Assurance
Michelle McEwen Project Coordinator
Qican “Sunny” Cao Data Analytics Strategist
Rob Keel Policy Analyst & HR Communication Specialist
Amanda Bowers Research Analyst


TBD Director of Libraries
Sharon Edwards Reference Librarian I, McMinnville
Paige Hendrickson Librarian I, Smyrna
Carla Logue Reference Librarian, Moore
Roger Merritt Fayetteville Library Coordinator/Library Assistant III
Hayley Austin Library Circulation Assistant, Smyrna
Sherian Oakley Secretary III
Tina Shang Evening Library Services Coordinator/IT Desk Technician, Moore

Office of the Assistant Vice President for Student Success

Mika’il Petin Assistant Vice President for Student Success
Estelle Davis Executive Secretary
Allison Barton Director of Adult Initiatives
Jonathan Graham Director of Tennessee Promise
Debra Smith TN Promise Coordinator (all other counties)
Mary Kay Bell Secretary III

Office of Dean of Students

Debra Smith Interim Dean of Students
Lori Rogers Administrative Secretary
Michael Celiberti Administrative Support to the Dean of Students

Office of Admissions and Records

Mae Sanders Director of Admissions & Records, Registrar
Tanithia Brown Secretary II
Debbie Finney High School Transcript Analyst
Glen May High School Transcript Analyst
TBD Graduation Analyst
Richelle McKamey Assistant Director, Assistant Registrar
Mary Elisabeth Mills Admissions and Records Clerk II
Caitlin Tripp College Transcript Analyst
TBD Veterans Affairs Coordinator

Office of Student Success

Sidney McPhee Director of Student Success
Hayley Austin Student Success Coach
Laura Brown Completion Coach, McMinnville
Jacqulyn Caldwell Student Success Coach
Josh Caldwell Completion Coach, Fayetteville
Angelica Dotson Completion Coach, Smyrna
Roxanne Evans Completion Coach, Moore
Van Lomenick Completion Coach, Smyrna
Kyle Macon Assistant Director; Completion Coach, Moore
Veronica Mitchell Completion Coach, Smyrna
Eric Murry Completion Coach, Smyrna
Yer Xiong Secretary III, Smyrna
Allen Sanders Completion Coach, McMinnville
Theresa Sheppard Secretary III, Moore

Office of Disability, Testing, and Counseling Services

Belinda Champion Director of Disability, Testing, and Counseling
Tina Grizzard Coordinator I
Marie Mosley Coordinator
Yeulanda Pierce-Beverly Assistant Director of Disability, Testing and Counseling, Smyrna
Lisa Stone Licensed Therapist, Moore/Tullahoma and Fayetteville
Alicia Pitts Licensed Therapist, Smyrna and McMinnville

Office of Financial Aid

Joe Myers Executive Director of Financial Aid
Jessica Dodge Financial Aid Courselor, Moore
TBD Assistant Director, Smyrna
Michelle Farley Financial Aid Counselor, Smyrna
Casey Martine Assistant Director, Moore
Tina Smith Financial Aid Counselor, McMinnville
Anita Toller Financial Aid Counselor, Moore
Cindy Tripp Financial Aid Clerk, Moore
Andrea Walters Financial Aid Counselor, Moore and Fayetteville

Office of Recruitment and New Student Services

TBD Director of Recruitment & New Student Services
Sheri Mason Assistant Director, Moore
Kelsey West Assistant Director, McMinnville
Gary Winton Assistant Director, Smyrna
Cindy Jackson Assistant Director, Fayetteville

Office of the Internal Auditor

Tammy Wiseman Internal Auditor