Aug 11, 2020  
2019-2020 Catalog and Student Handbook 
2019-2020 Catalog and Student Handbook Archived Catalog

General Studies (Track 2) (A.S.)

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Track 2 - University of Tennessee System

GENERAL EDUCATION (41 credit hours)

HISTORY (6 credit hours)

Natural Science (8 credit hours)

BIOL 1010 Introduction to Biology  cannot be paired with BIOL 1110  or BIOL 1120  to meet the General Education science requirement.  (Unless otherwise noted, a sequence is not required.) 


  • General Electives 15-16 sem hrs cr

    If you take a three hour math course, you must take 16 hours of general electives.  If you take a four hour math course, you will need 15 hours of general electives.

Semester Hours Credit: 60 or (see notes below)

All general studies majors who are required to take Learning Support must also complete MSCC 1300 First Year Experience , and the degree program will require 63 credit hours.

Students should consult the appropriate University of Tennessee (Knoxville, Chattanooga, or Martin) program of study which they wish to enter at the university for the appropriate mathematics course. NOTE: Courses to be transferred must be completed with a grade of C or above.

MATH 1710  and MATH 1720  are required courses for students lacking the background to start with MATH 1910 . This requirement will be verified by the mathematics faculty and the individual advisor. 


Fall or Spring Start - Recommended Full Time Schedule

The following is a recommended full time schedule. Learning Support, pre-requisites and other academic factors may impact this schedule.  See your advisor to create a degree plan.

GPS (Graduation Planning System), along with the correct catalog, should be utilized by students for all of their educational planning.  Students can monitor their progress toward a degree or certificate and view missing requirements with the GPS audit, which is accessible through MyMotlow.

Semester One - (16 credit hours)

Semester Two - (16 credit hours)

  • 3 sem hrs cr
  • General Elective - 3 sem hrs cr
  • Humanities/Fine Arts - 3 sem hrs cr
  • Mathematics - 3 sem hrs cr
  • Natural Science - 4 sem hrs cr

Semester Three - (15 credit hours)

  • 3 sem hrs cr
  • General Elective - 6 sem hrs cr
  • Humanities/Fine Arts (must be Literature) - 3 sem hrs cr
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences - 3 sem hrs cr

Semester Four - (13 credit hours)

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