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2016-2017 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2016-2017 Catalog & Student Handbook Archived Catalog

Humanities Department

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The Humanities Department provides instruction in the areas of Art, College Readiness, Mass Communications, Music, Speech, and Theatre. The commitment of the department is three fold:

  • Prepare students for successful transfer to 4 year institutions
  • Prepare enrichment and exposure through cultural experiences
  • Promote the arts for students and the community

The Humanities Department supports the General Education core curriculum by providing the Fundamentals of Speech course in which all students who plan to transfer must enroll. The Humanities requirement of the core curriculum is also met by enrollment in any of the following:  Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Introduction to Theatre, Survey of Art History I, or Survey of Art History II.

The Humanities Department supports college readiness through its First Year Experience course, which provides a mastery of key cognitive strategies, essential content knowledge, academic behaviors, and contextual knowledge that promotes students’ successful interaction and navigation within the college environment.

The department offers a basic foundation in communication and the arts in speaking, singing, playing instruments, painting, drawing, and acting. Students may enter one of three programs of study which prepare them for transfer to a four year institution.

The Art (Studio) Tennessee Transfer Pathway A.A.  at Motlow prepares the student for transition into art programs at TBR and other four year universities.

The Mass Communications Tennessee Transfer Pathway A.A. Mass Communications Tennessee Transfer Pathway A.S.  provides a core of transferable courses to enable the student to enter a four year program in any area of Mass Communication studies.

The Speech and Theatre Area of Emphasis A.S.  prepares the student to enter a four year program of study in speech communication or theatre.

Theatre involves students in performances in contemporary and classical drama and musicals and also provides experience in children’s drama. The curriculum in Speech and Theatre includes the following:


Although there is no area of emphasis in MUSIC, students may participate in music performances and concerts and may enroll in a variety of courses including the following:

MUSP 1022 - Choir II 
MUSP 1023 - Choir III 
MUSP 1024 - Choir IV   
MUSP 1142 - Band Ensemble II 
MUSP 1143 - Band Ensemble III  
MUSP 1144 - Band Ensemble IV 

Students who plan to transfer in any area of study in the Humanities Department should seek an advisor in the desired area of emphasis for careful advisement. 

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