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2020-2021 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2020-2021 Catalog & Student Handbook Archived Catalog


Tennessee Board of Regents

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Flora Tydings Acting Chancellor
Named by Statutory Act:  
The Honorable Bill Lee, Governor Ex-Officio
The Honorable Charles Hatcher, The Commissioner of Agriculture Ex-Officio
The Honorable Penny Schwinn, Commissioner of Education Ex-Officio
Mike Krause, Executive Director, Tennessee Higher Education Commission Ex-Officio
Named from Congressional Districts and At-Large Service Term:  
Robert Pepper Faculty Regent,2018-2019
William Summons Faculty Regent, 2019-2020
J. Carlos Gonzalez Roman Student Regent, 2019-2020
TBA At-Large, Middle Tennessee, 2019-2020
Thomas A.H. White At-Large, East Tennessee, 2017-2022
Leigh A. Shockley At-Large, West Tennessee 2014-2020
Miles A. Burdine 1st Congressional District, 2017-2019
Danni B. Varlan 2nd Congressional District, 2013-2019
Tom Griscom 3rd Congressional District, 2011-2020
Yolanda S. Greene 4th Congressional District, 2017-2022
Emily J. Reynolds, Vice Chair 5th Congressional District, 2017-2021
MaryLou Apple 6th Congressional District, 2015-2020
Joey Hatch 7th Congressional District, 2017-2022
Barbara U. Prescott 8th Congressional District, 2014-2020
Greg Duckett 9th Congressional District, 2012-2019